Sunday, December 10, 2017

Freeform Crossword Puzzle - Christmas Themed

Christmas Freeform Crossword Puzzle

 Our Puzzle Book Ninjas love the challenge of the Christmas Freeform Crossword Puzzle.

Words are organized by the number of letters in each word.  Now, the blanks need to filled in with the words.  Sometimes getting started can be difficult. 

Choose a word with either the least number of letters, or the most number of letters and start filling in the blanks with that Christmas word.

Sure to delight puzzle solvers of all ages, this Christmas freeform crossword puzzle is sure to engage the brain and help to keep it healthy!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Cryptolist Puzzle

Christmas Decoder Ring Cryptolist Puzzle

Puzzle Book Ninja's Christmas cryptolist puzzle is sure to delight puzzle solvers around the world.

Each word has a unique letter substitution pattern.  Use the decoder ring to determine the shift in the ring:  either right or left and up to 3 positions.

Then, using the pattern, decrypt the Christmas words to solve the puzzle.

Create activity to engage the brain and to challenge family and friends to see who can be the first to complete the puzzle. 

Download this free, printable cryptolist puzzle.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Crosspatch Puzzle

Christmas Crosspatch Puzzle

The Puzzle Book Ninja's Christmas crosspatch puzzle is sure to delight most puzzle solvers.

This crosspatch puzzle requires the solver to fill in the blanks with the words found in the word bank.

This puzzle has some one letter clues to help differentiate instruction for English language learners.

This puzzle also is great for building up students' vocabulary related to holidays and festivals

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Friday, December 1, 2017

An Amazing Christmas Puzzle

An Amazing Christmas Puzzle

 Introducing one of the new additions to our puzzle family:  An amazing Christmas Puzzle.

Did you know that mazes also can help with hand-eye coordination?  Who would have thought that a fun activity could have such great side benefits.

Have the kids complete this Christmas Maze Puzzle .

And, watch as their eyes light up when they finally get to the exit arrow!

Challenge friends and family to see who can be the first to complete this Amazing Christmas Puzzle.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Word Fit Puzzles - New Addition of Puzzles to our Collection

Christmas Word Fit Puzzle

Christmas word fit puzzle is great for English Language Learners.

A word fit puzzle is a combination of crossword puzzle and word search puzzle.  The single letter clues within the puzzle provide support to English language learners and other students learning new vocabulary.

Puzzles engage the brain, vocabulary building skills and activate problem solving skills.

Stimulate creativity by doing puzzles.

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Boggle Game Puzzles-One of the Newest Additions to Our Puzzle Collection

Boggle Printable Puzzle
 These puzzles just boggle the mind!

Check out the newest addition to our family of puzzle types.  These Boggle game puzzles challenge and engage the brain big time!

Using only the letters in the 4x4 grid, record your words in the spaces provided.  In this case, there are 84 Boggle game answers.

The Puzzle Book Ninjas have been hard a work to create three bundles to choose from:

Boggle Game Puzzle Bundle A - 20-50 words

Boggle Game Puzzle Bundle B - 51-75 words 

Boggle Game Puzzle Bundle C - 76-125 words

Exercise the brain and challenge the mind! 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vocabulary Building

9-Letter Words Puzzles

Challenge your vocabulary building skills with these 20 free downloadable, printable wordsearches.

Scrambled puzzles, wordsearch printable puzzles are great to engage students in middle grades of 7,8,9. 

Our downloadable, printable puzzles can engage your brain, and help to improve vocabulary at the same time. 

Check our all of our puzzle categories.  Suitable for all grades, classrooms and homeschooling environments.

Your Puzzle Book Ninja Team!